/send/ verb past tense and past participle sent /sent/
1 BY POST/RADIO ETC (T) to arrange for something to go or be taken to another place, especially by post: send sb a letter/message/card: Honestly, I get tired of sending Christmas cards. | send sth to: Send your bill to the above address. | send sth by post/sea/air etc: It will get there quicker if you send it by airmail. | send a letter/message/card: I sent her a message to say that I'd be late. | send a signal: Radio signals were sent into deep space. | send sth back/up/over etc: I've ordered some coffee to be sent up here.
2 SEND SB TO DO STH (T) to tell someone to go somewhere, usually so that they can do something for you there: Who sent you? | Richard couldn't come so he sent his sister instead. | send sb to: The United Nations will send troops to the region. | send sb around/over/home etc: At noon the principal sent everyone home. | send sb to do sth: I sent Jean to go get some more butter.
3 SEND SB TO STAY SOMEWHERE (transitive always + adv/prep) to arrange for someone to go somewhere and spend some time there: send sb to: I'd never send my kids to boarding school. | People get sent to jail for doing stuff like that! | send sb on sth: We want to send you on a short management course.
4 send your love/regards/best wishes etc to ask someone to give your greetings, good wishes etc to someone else: Mother sends her love.
5 AFFECT SOMEONE (T) to affect someone's feelings or condition: send sb to/into: His boring speeches always send me to sleep. | send sb (=make them feel extremely happy): Oh, doesn't his music just send you?
6 send sb/sth flying/sprawling/reeling etc to make someone or something move quickly through the air: The explosion sent glass flying everywhere.
7 send out/up/forth etc to make something come out of itself: The fire was sending up thick clouds of smoke.
8 send word to tell someone something by sending them a letter or message: send word (to sb) that: Somebody should send word that Rhoda's ill. | send word through sb: Send word through Davies that we need more supplies.
9 send sb packing also send sb about their business informal to tell someone who is not wanted that they must leave at once
send away phrasal verb
1 (transitive send someone away) to send someone to another place: I was sent away to school at the age of seven.
2 send away for sth to order something to be sent to you by post: Send away for your free poster.
send sth back phrasal verb to return something to where it came from: The steak was completely raw so I sent it straight back. send down phrasal verb
1 (transitive send something down) to make something lose value: Reports of the company's bad trading figures sent its share prices down.
2 (transitive send someone down) BrE informal to send someone to prison: Do you think he'll be sent down for it?
3 be sent down BrE to be told to leave a university because of bad behaviour
send for sb/sth phrasal verb (T)
1 to ask or order someone to come to you by sending them a message: Should I send for a doctor? | send for help: Quick - go send for help.
2 to ask or order that something be brought or sent to you: We'll have to send for the spare parts.
send sth in phrasal verb (T)
1 to send something, usually by post, to a place where it can be dealt with: I sent in a couple of job applications last week.
2 to send soldiers, police etc somewhere to deal with a very difficult or dangerous situation: It's time to send in the troops.
send off phrasal verb
1 (transitive send something off) to send something somewhere by post: I sent off the check this morning.
2 send off for sth to order something to be sent to you by post: I'd better send off for an application form.
3 (transitive send someone off) to send someone to another place: We sent the kids off to their grandparents this morning.
4 (transitive send someone off) BrE to order a sports player to leave the field because they have broken the rules
send sth on phrasal verb (T)
1 especially BrE to send someone's letters or possessions to their new address from their old address; forward 3 (1) AmE: My flatmate said she'd send on all my post.
2 to send something that has been received to another place so that it can be dealt with: The data is then sent on to the Census Bureau.
send out phrasal verb
1 (transitive send something/someone out) to send something from a central point to various other places: Make sure you send out the invitations in good time. | Search parties were sent out to look for survivors.
2 (send something out) to broadcast or produce a signal, light, sound etc: The ship is sending out an SOS signal.
3 send out for sth to ask a restaurant or food shop to deliver food to you at home or at work: Halfway through the meeting we sent out for sandwiches.
send up phrasal verb (transitive send something/someone up)
1 to make something increase in value: The shortage is bound to send prices up.
2 BrE informal to show how silly something is by copying it in a very funny way: The film sends up all those Hollywood disaster movies.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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